Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I love my glucose level

Yesterday I attended the Asian Human Services Spring Health Fair where I got "my numbers" checked. That refers to my blood glucose level, cholesterol level, blood pressure and weight. The one I'm focused on is blood glucose level because that's what started my whole torturous sugar-free, grain-free and dairy-free experiment (my doctor put me on a variation of the candida diet). In September my blood glucose was somewhere above 100 so, in terror of developing diabetes, I began a new way of eating. I reduced sugars and starches (but I was supposed to cut them entirely), eliminated dairy foods and increased the amount of fat, protein and vegetables I eat. I was also supposed to cut out caffeine and alcohol, but those weren't a part of my habits anyway.

By December I managed to get my blood glucose down to 95, which was better, but not good. According to conventional medicine, anything below 99 is fine, but according to my holistic-oriented doctor, a truly healthy level is between 70 and 85. 

Yesterday my level was 82! I'm so glad about this! As a sugar addict, it's been @!&-damn, f#%*-ing hard to cut the amount of sugar and flour I eat, and I've been far from perfect. But apparently you don't have to eliminate those things 100% to improve your health and thank god for that. I'm relieved to find that what I've been doing is working. Now I don't have to kill anyone. (My cholesterol level was also down, even though fewer sugars and starches means I've been eating more fats, eggs and other animal products.)

But since my goal has shifted from just getting that blood glucose number down to eliminating my monstrual cramps, the diet continues. I'm constantly aware that my next period is always on the way which means I'd better not think about pastries and cookies. My menstrual pain has improved since I started this whole health push, but it's a slow process. Apparently a lifetime of sucking down sugar all day long really does a number on your hormonal health (surprise). By the age of 48, my body needs a long healing process of really good nutrition and no damn sugar. 


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