Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Give blood. Meditate.

I've felt frustrated because I've been using Joe Dispenza's powerful guided meditation recording for a year and a half and there's one part that just hasn't fallen into place. While I've gotten great results in general, there's one thing that has bothered me. At the end of the meditation, he guides you to ask for a sign that you've made contact with the quantum field which is now working with you to create your new reality. The sign should be completely unexpected and should totally surprise you so there's no doubt that it's the result of your meditation work. I've only received such signs a couple of times since I started using this meditation in October 2013 and it discourages me.

So I had this great experience with the man himself on Friday, and then on Saturday and Sunday nothing happened that surprised me. But I had an appointment to donate blood on Monday afternoon and had no idea it was about to tie in to my Friday experience.

I went to the appointment, knowing the Red Cross Blood workers might very well reject me for having low iron levels in my blood. That often happens, but my father worked in a hospital when I was growing up and every time he came home with a "Be Nice To Me, I Gave Blood Today" sticker, it made an impression on me. Since college, I've regularly tried to give even though, if they accept my blood, giving a pint often makes me feel sick. But every few times it goes well, so I think it's worth it.

The health worker checked my iron level and it was high enough. Success! Then I sat down, they put in the line and the sterile, plastic bag began to fill. Now this is the point at which I usually start to get anxious and feel light-headed, no matter how much I hydrate ahead of time. Usually as the bag gets full, I get a weird, depleted feeling throughout my body and sometimes there's nausea, too. After the blood-letting is over and the needle removed, I have to sit there for ten minutes or so, trying to feel well enough to stand up.

But not this time! As the bag filled, I remained perfectly calm and felt fine: no nervousness, no need to tap. I had drunk a lot of water in the 24 hours prior, so things went quickly and the health workers commented on how fast I pumped the stuff out. And at the end, I felt exactly the same as the needle came out as when it went in. I felt like I hadn't given blood at all!

I couldn't believe it. It felt like a miracle. I thought, "So this is what giving blood feels like for those healthy, strong people who have no problem at all." I've always envied people who can lose a pint of blood and then stand right up and walk away with no ill effects, and now I'm one of them! This is definitely a sign that's so surprising and so completely out of nowhere that it indicates that my meditation practice is making a difference in my life. I'm so excited about this!

I AM using my mind to change my body. I AM creating my own reality. And I predict that whoever gets my blood is going to have a miraculous recovery.

(I've already signed up to donate blood in 56 days, which is the earliest you can give after donating, in the United States. You give blood, too, wherever you are!)


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