Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Mutt's Day

Ozzie, the only dog I ever owned. And ever will.
Today is Mutt's Day and I acknowledge it even though I'm neither a dog owner nor a dog lover. It's been proven a few times that I'm not a dog person, but I still like dogs and celebrate Mutt's Day because I dislike the practice of breeding dogs for certain pedigrees or characteristics. I think it's unnatural and makes dogs susceptible to health problems. 

When I was married, we had a pit bull mix named Ozzie. Who knows what breeds he had in him? You certainly couldn't tell from his ears. But I appreciated that his DNA had taken the best of whatever genes it had available and made a good dog. He's still a good dog, although I was happy to let my ex-husband take him because I just don't do well with a dog in my home. (No dogs in my home!)

Happy Mutt's Day to all mutts everywhere.

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