Thursday, August 13, 2015

American Language and Culture Coach

Do you have a co-worker who recently moved to the United States, has limited English, feels lonely and struggles with American protocols and social customs? Do you know someone who's trying to build their new life here, but needs better communication skills to get the job they want? Do you have a neighbor or know a parent whose native culture is different and who has trouble making friends? Do you work in a place where more than one language is spoken and it's causing problems? Do you have employees of different cultural backgrounds who aren't communicating well? My new business can help.

Last winter I earned the certification to teach English to speakers of other languages. With this training, plus my background as an ESL teacher and tutor, I imagined getting a job as a TESOL instructor, but I'm going in a different direction: I'm taking clients for my practice as an American language and culture coach. I work with individuals to strengthen their grammar, pronunciation, and conversation skills, PLUS I help them adjust to life in the U.S. whether that means understanding their workplace culture, learning how to make friends, decoding American behavior and expressions, figuring out how to successfully apply for jobs or academic programs, or tackling any goals they have, whether personal or professional.

For businesses, I learn the specific culture of the company and train their English learners to work more smoothly within the team. Working with me, these employees become better communicators, gain insight into and understanding of their workplace, and become more productive. I help build professional bonds, remedy poor communication and help everyone succeed.

Basically I want to reduce loneliness. Whether the problem is personal isolation or feeling alienated at work, I want to help immigrants and the people who hire them. My personal connection is that I'm the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, but it's more than that. I'm passionate about building community, I enjoy teaching English (ah, grammar!) and I love talking about Americans. Oh, we Americans are a fascinating bunch and I've spent a lifetime observing and anaylzing us (I'm American born, but I maintain the objectivity of a thoughtful, marginalized person).

Keep watching my blog for the rollout of my new business name and website! I'm so excited about this. UPDATE: the new website is here: Welcome Dialogue.

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