Sunday, August 09, 2015

Crying is good

Sometimes I cry not because I'm upset. Sometimes I cry when I feel very happy or relieved. We're all familiar with tears of joy. We've seen people weep with relief and gratitude when they find out their loved one is still alive or when they finally receive desperately needed help. Crying can release all kinds of emotions.

Sometimes I cry when I sense I'm hearing the truth. I'll hear words that resonate so deeply with what I emotionally know to be true that tears well up. I don't know why it is or if other people experience this. Americans don't like to cry and we don't like to talk about crying, so I have no idea how many people have a tear response to hearing things that touch their heart.

If the good news or healing words resonate very deeply and strongly, I might even go into full weeping. It's what some people call ugly crying: crumpled face, tiny eyes, wrenching sobs, big nose-blowing. Someone watching might think my heart is breaking or that I'm in great emotional pain, but it's actually the opposite. I'm feeling things like joy, gratitude, relief, familiarity. Sometimes, in a way, it feels like coming home. They're good tears. Does anyone else do this full-out weeping in a positive way?

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