Thursday, September 03, 2015

My new business!

I am very excited to announce the name of my new business that helps recent immigrants adjust to life in the U.S: Welcome Dialogue. Click on the name to see my brand new website that just went live last night! (Can you tell how excited I am?)

I work with educated professionals who have recently moved to Chicago and who want to improve their English, succeed in their workplace, become familiar with American social behaviors, and generally figure out this strange new culture. In short, I want to reduce loneliness and increase success. I have decades of experience in several industries and know American workplace culture. I can teach social skills and help newcomers make friends, find community and build bonds beyond their families and others who speak their native language. And, of course, with ESL teaching experience, I can help them improve their English and reduce their accent.

Businesses benefit from hiring me if they have people from different cultures who have challenges that are affecting productivity. I learn a company's processes, protocols and expectations, and train their English learners in communication best practices. Whether those learners need grammar lessons or a better understanding of appropriate business interactions, I work closely with management to reach improve communication and productivity.

Please share my new website, Welcome Dialogue, with Chicago business owners who have any kind of culture clash among their employees, as well as with individuals you know who are from another country and are struggling to feel at home in their new American life. Thank you! (I'm so excited. I'm passionate about clear communication, building community, reducing social isolation and, of course, grammar.)

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