Friday, October 02, 2015

The Halloween Whopper

This was just too ridiculous for me to ignore. First, I LOVE Halloween and foods that are black, like jelly beans and olives. Second, I still like hamburgers, even though I now eat them without the bun. Third, the idea of a scary hamburger made me laugh out loud. A scary hamburger! Excellent.

I brought my burger home and unwrapped it.

Actually, I did feel a little scared now that it was no longer on a poster but on my dining table. Did I really want to eat this? Inside the Burger King store, the description had said the bun has A-1 flavoring, which is a flavor I'm not fond of, but I can be a good sport. I still felt determined to make this my lunch. I took the next step of my ritual with burgers and opened it.

At least it looked the same on the inside. I tasted it.

Along with the usual Burger King meat, cheese and mayo, there was a smoky flavor to the sandwich, which I guess was the A-1 bun boosted by a sauce which wasn't just ketchup. I'm pretty sure the sauce was specially flavored because the overall taste of the burger was sweeter than a regular Whopper.

I finished my lunch without the rest of the bun. It was okay. I recommend The Halloween Whopper if you like your burgers spiked with fake smoke flavor and extra sugar, or if you just can't resist the over-the-top campiness of it. I enjoyed my little pre-Halloween celebration, but I won't order this sandwich again.

UPDATE TWO HOURS LATER: I have to warn you about this side effect that happens if you eat the bun. I discovered it by googling "Halloween Whopper," but I had already avoided it with my wheat-free lifestyle. Ha, I win!

UPDATE FOUR WEEKS LATER: On October 30th I stopped in that same Burger King, noticing that the Halloween Whooper poster was gone. The woman serving at the counter said they had stopped selling that item about a week earlier. The Halloween Whopper didn't make it to Halloween. Sad, yet no mystery considering the side effects of that black bun...

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