Saturday, November 14, 2015

Come on, menopause! Part two

Last week I got all excited because my period was late and I fantasized that I'd entered menopause and was never going to menstruate again. Anyone who thinks menopause is very uncomfortable and I'm crazy to want it, here are two points:

1. Menstruation with fibroids is AGONY and I've had enough. I'll happily switch this pain for hot flashes, etc, if only for a change in things to cuss about.

2. Menopause is not the same for everyone. Any discomfort you go through at menopause is affected by the state of your health when it starts. Get your physical body and emotional state in order and menopause will be much more comfortable. Also, expecting pain or lack thereof has an impact on what you experience.

But my excitement was premature. Or was it? My period started on day 35 of my cycle, which was Wednesday and it's been even better than the last one! Even less cramping, lighter flow and no interruption to my daily life. I'm either coming to the end of my menstruating years or my efforts of the past year have paid off. Probably both. I now know that this combination is powerful, even on the worst monstrual cramps: chiropractic, acupuncture, meditation, hypnotherapy, EFT and -- possibly most important -- cutting the sugar, grains, dairy and caffeine!

I am a different person from a year ago. I am so, SO grateful.
At 49 years old, I think I'm at the beginning of the end!

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