Saturday, February 06, 2016

I'm 49 1/2

Next July 24th will be my 50th birthday. It falls on a Sunday, which is actually the day I was born back in 1966. I considerately arrived in the daytime, so my birth didn't wake anyone up or keep anyone awake into the night. I admit that I made my parents miss church that day, but that now seems appropriate (I'm an atheist).

Every year I throw myself a big birthday party in my home. I invite everyone I can think of and we have lots of food, drink, conversation and hilarity. People are starting to ask me what special thing I'm going to do for my 50th birthday. My favorite thing in the world is having people come over to my place for a big party. Why would I do anything different this year?

I'm not an outdoor person or someone who likes staying up past 11:00 p.m. I have no desire to jump out of a plane or get a tattoo. Yesterday someone told me I should push past my comfort zone. So far my life has been a process of trying to find my comfort zone and establish it to the world. The age of 50 feels premature for me to try to push past it. Three years ago I was married, walking a dog, living in a different place and working a job I'd outgrown. Today none of that is true, so what other comfort zones do I need to challenge on my 50th birthday?

The big difference for this year's celebration might be that this time I don't threaten people with banishment if they bring me a birthday present. I'm usually a "no gifts" person, but maybe for the 50th I'll start practicing the art of receiving with grace. I think that will take me enough out of my comfort zone, eh?

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