Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Second blog!

As of today, I'm the proud owner of two blogs. Some say blogs are over, but I think people have just changed the way they consume them. It used to be that people subscribed to a blog and read everything posted on it. Now apps or newsletters deliver links to various articles from various places, so people still read blogs, but they read them article by individual article, not as a whole.

So take a look at my brand new blog that's on the website of my business, Welcome Dialogue. That blog will focus on life in the U.S. and the challenges of adjusting to American language and culture. It will include the challenges foreign-born employees face in the workplace when they lack confidence in English and the frustrations of American-born staff who can't understand the accents of their colleagues. My business, Welcome Dialogue, works with those on all sides of any given cultural divide because as important as it is for people to learn English, it's just as important for Americans to cultivate patience and compassion for those who are struggling to adapt to this country. We Americans greatly need more patience and compassion for people who aren't exactly like us! (The degree to which Americans need more patience and compassion makes me want to hit people.)

So I hope you pop over to the Welcome Dialogue blog every once in a while. It won't be easy to maintain two blogs, but I think I've got the brainpower. My head is full of words, words, words...

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