Thursday, March 10, 2016

Go, old white guy!

I agree with Bernie that if so many other industrialized countries can afford universal healthcare, free higher education, maternity leave and a livable minimum wage, we can, too! It's just a matter of drastically reorganizing our national budgeting priorities and taxing people fairly. I believe what's fair is requiring those who make more, to pay more. People think this is fantasy. Well, how else do you achieve the passion and momentum to make real change but by having wild dreams? I actually like Bernie more right now than I liked Obama at this point of the 2008 election cycle (don't tell anyone).

Today I will vote early in Illinois' primary. I'm atypical as a middle-aged Mexican-American: most of my extended family backs Clinton and apparently that's how many American minorities are voting. Not me. I'm a Berner.

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