Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This just in: be healthy!

I hardly know why news providers like the L.A. Times do stories like Americans could prevent roughly half of all cancer deaths by doing these four things. We know we should stop smoking, drink less alcohol, exercise regularly and achieve and maintain a "healthful weight." Most of us just can't do it.

What would be more helpful is proven ways to do those things. Cigarettes, excess alcohol and stress eating are coping mechanisms. Until we find ways to manage our stress and emotions, we're going to keep smoking, drinking and overeating. More articles with more statistics on how good it is not to do those things are pointless and a waste of reporting resources.

Give us information on how to cope in healthy ways that will release us from our addictions! And I don't mean articles that claim to have found the guaranteed cure. There are all kinds of ways to get yourself off of smoking and excess eating or drinking. Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, etc. work for some, but not everyone, and there are many other programs and centers. Or you can try things like acupuncture, meditation, EFT or working with some kind of therapist (from psychology to hypnosis) to dig deep into the emotional reasons you keep overeating, drinking or smoking. Present us with those stories, media.

Instead, they give us stupid articles about how good it is to not be fat or how much healthier non-smokers are than smokers. Before this L.A. Times article came out, did we really need another news flash telling us that "the most effective way to fight cancer is to promote healthful habits that foster cancer prevention" -- ? Who needs more research that shows that their eating, drinking or smoking habits are killing them? The people who know this don't need to hear it again, and the people who don't believe smoking and heavy drinking are dangerous aren't going to be convinced no matter how many times you print it.

I already struggle with hating myself for not eating better nor fitting into my size 14 pants. Another article on how much better I'd be if I were different isn't going to help. Give us real options for tackling the emotional patterns behind our self-destructive behaviors. At this point, articles like Americans could prevent roughly half of all cancer deaths by doing these four things are insulting.

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Andria Anderson said...

Media that would present useful information - what a concept. But, alas, we live in the U.S., so we get sensationalism that makes a profit.