Thursday, August 03, 2017

My Black Is Beautiful

"The Talk" is a TV commercial for Proctor & Gamble that shows conversations between Black parents and their Black children about the realities of their lives in the U.S. The ad was done by BBDO New York advertising agency and was released in July.

Let us not forget that this is how it is: both the message of the commercial and the conservative backlash that calls it racist.


Andria Anderson said...

I read an article about "The Talk" and it tackled just the one topic about keeping alive when the police see you. This commercial tackles several more topics - all within a minute. Kudos to P&G for putting it out there.

Rayfield A. Waller said...

Fuck Proctor and Gamble, but God bless this commercial. A multinational corporation, like a broken clock, can be correct sometimes. I can appreciate the truth no matter what broke tooth ugly mouth it comes out of.

And so to my surprise, this made me cry with the memories of my mother having the talk about how my teachers should not put their hands on my head to touch my hair and my talk with my daughter about how her college professor who made her feel bad at University of Michigan could not be taken seriously in his rejection of her.

Bless you for posting this, Reg. I had never seen it before.