Friday, September 08, 2017

You might be clinically depressed if

You might be clinically depressed if:

  • you're back on cigarettes or junk food or alcohol or shopping or whatever your addiction is that you've been trying to kick for decades.
  • you can't concentrate on work for more than a few minutes at a time.
  • the long minutes you spend not doing work increases the feelings of guilt you already had.
  • blogging seems like a bad idea just a few minutes into a post.
  • you focus on your most vulnerable areas and pound yourself with criticism.
  • you're crying more than usual.
  • absolutely nothing has happened to make you feel this way. 
  • you don't want to be alone, so you start texting friends.
  • you realize you shouldn't inflict yourself on others, so you stop texting friends.
  • life, once again, feels too hard and you wonder how you ever saw it any other way.
  • you envy people going through life-endangering crises because they have a chance to die or at least have their minds absorbed by a bigger and more important disaster than their own failings.
  • you want to just sleep and sleep.
  • you regret having caffeine because now you can't just sleep and sleep.
  • you need someone to understand this.
  • it feels like the only people who understand this fall apart when you try to lean on them.
  • you've had your meds, your natural supplements, your herbal tea, your exercise, your meditation and your full night's sleep and still the heaviness is back.
  • you dread the long, empty weekend before you.
  • you're so tired of being you.

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