Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Depression: Tired of Being You

It's shameful how few services there are for people with mental illness. My therapist and I have spent weeks looking for a permanent, ongoing support group for people in Chicago with depression, just plain old depression. While there are grief groups and survivors of domestic violence groups, etc. there are no groups (besides DBSA) for people who just have ongoing, non-situational depression. So I'm starting one.

Sometimes depression has a cause, such as divorce or job loss. Sometimes it doesn't: chronic depression just comes and goes for seemingly no reason at all. This support group is for anyone in Chicago who suffers from depression. (If you have chronic depression like me, you might even feel great today, but you know the bleakness will be back.)

For anyone in any of these categories, please join us. I'm no expert. I'm just a depressive woman who needs emotional support from people who know what depression feels like because they've gone through it.

We will meet at the United Church of Rogers Park, where the pastors are generously letting us use their space. I'm grateful that Pastor Lindsey values mental health. Yay, Pastor Lindsey!

We'll meet either weekly or bi-weekly, at no cost. FREE. So, please pass this link to anyone in Chicago who suffers from depression. Thanks.

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