Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Gun control debate is OVER

Look, people, this is the United States. Mass murder by gunfire isn't going to stop and Congress is not going to pass legislation to restrict access to guns. Gun control is a dead issue, no matter how much we might hope it's still up for discussion.

As I said before, not only is owning guns a core American value, it's a core part of our identity. To quote myself, we Americans pride ourselves on being "independent, highly capable, have-gun-will-travel people who aren't afraid of anything, as long as we're armed." In the 1770s we founded the United States of America with guns, and our belief that we must stay vigilant against attack continues.

So what if it's delusional to think any single person needs weapons appropriate for war? So what if the constitution was written when American guns could only fire one bullet before re-loading? So what if statistics show that the fewer guns available to the population of a country, the fewer incidents of mass murder? Those arguments are nothing compared to our concept of "freedom," which includes the freedom to have the ability to kill anyone at any time.

Bill O'Reilly articulates what millions of Americans believe about massacre by gun: "This is the price of freedom." End of discussion.

When a gunman slaughtered twenty little white children at Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012 and we didn't pass gun control legislation, the debate was over. When white America is willing to sacrifice its own little white children for their freedom to access weapons, we're fools to think we can take up the discussion ever again. At least, we can't until another gunman slaughters twenty-one little white children.

So stop your hand waving and "We have to do something!" Sit down and shut up because this is the land of random violence and murder and that's all there is to it.

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