Friday, October 13, 2017

My people

One thing I like about mental illness support groups, outpatient programs and the nut house itself is that I can be myself 100%. Unlike anywhere else, I can take off my public face, express exactly what I'm feeling and say what's on my mind or stare dully into the distance and say nothing at all. There's no need to fake being normal because my weirdest behavior will be seen as part of my symptoms. It's a huge relief.

The other patients and I talk to each other about suicide attempts and hating our mothers (or loving our mothers) and feeling free to be exactly who we know we really are on the inside. There's no one to pity us or call us bad people or feel scared of us. This might sound odd, but these are my people. 

So I can't wait to get my new depression Meetup going because then I'll have that dynamic every week. I've got the kleenex ready!

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